About Me

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My earliest childhood memory is about trying to make beautiful spaces.  Our family had just moved from Long Island, New York to Greenville, South Carolina. My parents gave me my own room. I remember setting to work immediately rearranging the space. I was so proud of how I had arranged everything in the room, including the tiny doll bunk bed handmade by my great-grandfather. I was not quite 4 years old.


black and white greenville
My childhood home in Greenville, South Carolina.

A few decades later, and this still brings me joy.  My family and I have moved many times, flipping every house we’ve lived in. I love finding properties with great untapped potential for increased value – seeing the prince through the toad. Recently my husband and several friends suggested that I transition to a full time career in real estate.  Now I help other people find and create warm, inviting homes. I’m so thankful for my loved ones’ encouragement and also Dave Perry Miller Real Estate. I have the very best team beside me in this venture.

My favorite places to shop are flea markets, garage sales & thrift stores. Money does make it easier to decorate, but creativity is truly interesting. I hope this blog can inspire, encourage and help you create spaces that you and your loved ones will find brimming with Gemütlichkeit.


LAO four years old
circa 1974

And a special thank you to Beth Kirby for allowing me to use the fantastic cover photo. The stories and images in her blog www.localmilk.com ,The Art of Slow Living, consistently inspire.